December 8, 2023

Unveiling Gemini: DeepMind’s Latest Leap Forward and What It Means for Professional Expertise

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December 8, 2023 in AI News, Others by Martin Jokub

The Dawn of a New AI Era

The release of Google DeepMind's Gemini model marks a significant milestone. This isn't just an upgrade; it's a transformation that beckons us to reimagine the boundaries of text, images, audio, and code.

Or at least Google/DeepMind want you to believe in it. Keep reading this will be very interesting

Three Sizes, Infinite Possibilities

Gemini comes in three variations: Ultra, Pro, and Nano, each designed to integrate seamlessly from our smartphones to the backbone servers of data centers. Imagine the Nano aiding a lawyer in sifting through legal precedents or the Ultra, powering comprehensive research in medical diagnostics.

I watched that video. I was both in shock how good it is but ...

I was a bit skeptical about all these claims... like how you know that it is the best if it is just released. Nobody got hands on it and all these claims about beating GPT4 is just words of Google marketers.

AI development is fast, but greed for fame is much faster and this is not good for everyone.

I'm marketer. I don't believe in what is written. As a lot of companies try look better than they are. Always look into details on these claims. Especially with software companies. Especially nowadays when all information should be double checked. And here is the article of Alexander Chen, the guy, who shot the video.

Google are in competition for AI market with OpenAI, Microsoft, Amazon, xAI + Tesla, and others. They were leaders in search, but now AI takes customers from Google. After ChatGPT went public my own searches on Google shrink by 80%!!!

By the way I loved this comment on all 'AI influencers'. You should always take all information that is fast with a grain of salt. Also from me 🙂 I'm just human as everyone else and we don't have all information at our disposal.

Bard and Gemini Pro over-hyped

Gemini Pro basically is similar to ChatGPT3.5 and only this version will be available for public. Also that version will be used by Bard.

What I can say here? Disappointing.

Integration Across the Google Ecosystem

Starting December 13, developers can tap into the prowess of Gemini Pro (ChatGPT  3.5 alternative) through Google AI Studio.

The Road Ahead in the AI Landscape

Rapidly evolving AI landscape, the road ahead promises intense competition among the top players. It's reminds more a gladiatorial arena where tech titans clash.

Giants like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are consistently pushing the boundaries with their AI research and applications. IBM, with its legacy in deep learning, continues to make significant strides. Facebook (Meta), NVIDIA, and Baidu are not far behind, each bringing unique innovations to the table. Smaller, yet influential entities like OpenAI and DeepMind are making waves with groundbreaking advancements.

And here we are as AI Masters trying to catch with every new feature and wave of AI models and adoption to everyday live of casual entrepreneurs.

It’s a bit funny to watch this race because while they’re all trying to win, they're also helping each other and us make better AI for everyone. It's like a race where everyone helps each other, even while trying to be the first to finish!

The future is bright as we have more competing alternatives!

A seasoned digital business architect and full-stack digital marketer, he brings over 24 years of experience in launching, automating, and scaling online projects, with a particular focus on the tech, AI and education sectors. His diverse skill set extends to AI training, startup advising, and founding innovative initiatives.

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