Custom GPTs

Collection of our own or recommended custom GPTs

This space showcases what we created as public custom GPTs or what we found valuable and secure GPTs. Currently, the OpenAIs GPTs Store is still not available for all users  (it rolls out over time and regions). Plus it's hard to see at first glance if is it a real deal or 2 lines of instruction GPT, that pretends to be very sophisticated. We test GPTs, check the securities flows and the value delivered by GPT, to put it on the list.

GPTs by AI Masters Agency

AI Masters Agency

EU AI Act GPT helps to explore the latest version of EU AI Act. Created by AI Masters Agency.

Aristotle GPT
AI Masters Agency

This GPT model can simulate responses in an Aristotelian style, offering a unique perspective based on one of history’s most influential philosophers.

Midjourney Idea Architect
AI Masters Agency

Generates creative prompts for Midjourney.

Assertive Writer
AI Masters Agency

Rewrites any text into assertive, polite communication, maintaining original meaning.

Our recommended GPTs

By Cerhum SA

I find phone numbers or emails based on provided contacts data, concisely.

Get helpful information on EU GDPR compliance. Artificial intelligence shaped by 15+ years of human excellence (v. 1.0). No legal advice.

This GPT is actively seeking the latest startups and identifies the LinkedIn profiles of their founders.

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