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In early 2023 I co-founded Smart Video Interview Platform. In an increasingly digital world, the recruitment process faces numerous challenges - from time-consuming candidate screening to the complexity of evaluating technical expertise. This case study explores, a smart video interview platform, addressing these challenges and revolutionizing the hiring process.

Background: The Recruitment Challenge

The traditional recruitment process often involves lengthy resume reviews, scheduling conflicts, and unproductive interviews. These issues can result in the loss of potential talent, making the process inefficient and frustrating for both recruiters and candidates. A Smart Solution

TeamFill introduces a smart video interview platform designed to speed up the hiring process by tenfold. It offers several innovative features:

Tailored Interview Questions

TeamFill’s AI generates role-specific questions for candidate assessment, saving time for recruiters and ensuring a comprehensive evaluation.

24/7 Global Interviews

The platform's on-demand functionality allows candidates to record interviews anytime, facilitating global reach and flexibility.

Asynchronous Video Interviews

TeamFill leverages AI to evaluate candidates' technical and cultural fit, providing intelligent summaries and eliminating the need for manual assessment.

Instant Candidate Shortlisting

AI-powered feedback and scoring provide instant insights, enabling quick identification of top candidates.

Collaborative Hiring

The platform allows team members to independently review and score interviews, fostering a collaborative decision-making process.

How TeamFill Works

The platform operates in several steps:

  1. AI Interview Question Generation: Recruiters input position requirements, and the AI generates customized, role-specific questions.
  2. On-Demand Interview Recording: Candidates use the link provided to record their responses at their convenience.
  3. Intelligent Assessment: The AI evaluates responses, providing feedback and scoring for each question.

Use Cases

Fast Candidate Screening for HR Managers

TeamFill significantly reduces the time HR managers spend on candidate screening, enabling them to focus on other HR functions.

Enhanced Efficiency for Recruitment Agencies

The platform helps recruitment agencies manage candidate screening more efficiently, reducing bottlenecks and improving client satisfaction.


TeamFill represents a significant leap in recruitment technology. By integrating AI and an on-demand video platform, it addresses key challenges in the recruitment process, making it faster, more efficient, and more effective. This case study illustrates the platform's potential to transform the way organizations approach hiring, ensuring that the best talent is identified and recruited efficiently.


This case study provides a comprehensive overview of and its impact on modern recruitment practices, showcasing how AI technology can streamline and enhance the hiring process.

The founder of and part of the Lithuanian Artificial Intelligence Association, with his expertise he advice and assists businesses use artificial intelligence and automation tools. Co-founder and running the tech side of, a hotel and leisure store, and selling it successfully. Co-founder of AI startup TeamFill, a smart video interview platform.

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